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Why a Weekly House Cleaning Service is Better than a Monthly Cleaning

Why a Weekly House Cleaning Service is Better than a Monthly Cleaning

Walking into a house that has just been thoroughly cleaned can be a refreshing experience, and many busy people today have chosen to get help with their housework. 

It might be appealing to only pay for someone to come in once a month, but a weekly cleaning has its own advantages. For those comparing costs, considering the differences between monthly and weekly service might be a factor that gives them plenty of reasons to engage someone on a more regular basis.

Cleaning Alone

There are plenty of people who spend time cleaning their house before the professionals show up, but it can lead them down a dangerous path. Letting items sit out could leave their house with a cluttered look between monthly cleanings, and it might take a lot longer to get it into shape. 

Professionals are not there to pick up items left lying around, so they are not able to really clean the house if they have to take the time to put things away. Weekly cleaning means everything should be put away at least once a week, so it keeps the clutter to a minimum.

Dander Buildup

While many people believe that only pets leave dander around the home, but people shed hair and skin cells too. A weekly cleaning by a professional will help get rid of any dander with dusting, vacuuming and changing the sheets on beds. If parts of the house are allowed to accumulate dander all month long, allergies can flare. A thorough house cleaning will help avoid dander buildup, and those with allergies will find they breathe easier.

Thorough Dusting

Every home manages to somehow accumulate dust, and it can work its way down into cracks and crevices when it is not cleaned out in a timely manner. The initial layers of dust will compact as more settles down, so it is important to keep up with it on a regular schedule. One can always take the time to dust their home weekly, but letting a professional do the work to clean out this nuisance can be faster and easier. A clean home is one that does not have dust building up in the nooks and crannies, so considering weekly assistance could be a good idea.

Avoiding Mildew

Any area of the house where water or humidity are present can become an area where mold and mildew form, but regular cleaning is a good way of avoiding mildew issues. If you enjoy cleaning the kitchen and bath by yourself thoroughly every week, a monthly service is a good option. Those who would rather not scrub the grout on their own should consider the healthy advantages of retaining a weekly professional to do the job.

Beautiful Floors

For those who have automatic robots to vacuum, house cleaning could seem to be relatively painless until considering those same floors need to be washed. The issues of dander and dust that accumulate on every surface will be the same on the lowest spot of your house like the  floors. Washing the floors every week will give the entire house that fresh cleaned smell, but it will also remove allergens and dust that will harden over time. Floors should be spot cleaned when spills occur, but they should be at least damp mopped once a week.

Spring Cleaning

Experienced house cleaners know that spring cleaning does not need to wait for its own season, so keeping up with the chores on a regular basis is a good way to get that feeling without the wait. Using the right cleaning products for every surface on a regular schedule will stop the need for a massive undertaking, and it can provide a fresh and clean home to be enjoyed all year long.

Cost Factors

When a home is only to be cleaned by professionals once a month, it will require the same amount of effort as what was necessary to do each week. There are no savings of time, so there is a good chance that saving money will not be a possibility. Cleaning companies often charge more for a monthly cleaning service than they do for weekly maintenance. That’s why it might be cost-effective to look into hiring someone to come through every week and get the work done right.

In Summary

A clean home can be achieved through various home care schedules. Consider hiring a house cleaning service so you can relax in a clean environment. Contact Always Home Services at 831.917.3405 for a free consultation!

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