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Pros & Cons of Hiring a House Cleaner or Maid

Pros & Cons of Hiring a House Cleaner or Maid

Pros & Cons of Hiring a House Cleaner or Maid

It seems that cleaning the home is a never-ending task, yet one we all must complete. A clean home is a comfortable home, one that keeps the whole family happy and healthy. The EPA estimates indoor air to be 10x more polluted than outdoor air and a dirty home only contributes to the bacteria, germs, and pollutants that cause illness. Many people find it nearly impossible to keep their home clean, especially after long hours at work, sports and PTA meetings with the kids, and the other tasks that fill the day.

Professional home cleaning services come to the rescue to clean the house in such situations, but is it really worth the costs? On average, customers pay about $160 for cleaning services. Although every family has unique needs and different budgets, most agree that the costs of hiring a housecleaner are worth the benefits they offer. Read more about the pros and cons of hiring a professional cleaning company to better decide if the service is suitable for your needs.

Pros of House Cleaning Professional Service

Professional house cleaners ensure an efficiently cleaned home, leaving no corner unkempt. They find dirt that you never knew existed, eliminating more germs and bacteria than you could do alone. If improving the health of your home and family is important, professional cleaning service offers what you need. Professional cleaners work on your schedule, whether that’s daily, weekly, or only on special occasions, cleaning one room or the entire home. You’ll finally have time to take care of the tasks that so often get ignored when a cleaner comes to your home. It is rewarding to know that your home is clean, yet you didn't spend endless hours working on it.

Cons of Using House Cleaning Professional Service

As you might expect, some disadvantages of hiring a house cleaning company exist and must be considered before signing on the dotted line of any contract. Costs to hire a cleaning company is the first disadvantage. Cleaners charge an average hourly rate of $40 per hour, although this rate significantly varies from one company to the next. Free quotes ease the costs for anyone who compares companies before hire. Determine your budget before any of this takes place. Stick as closely to this budgeted amount as possible.

Many people are uneasy with strangers coming into their home to clean, considering they’ll oftentimes clean personal effects. The best way to alleviate this concern is to schedule service when you're at home. Another concern for some families is that the cleaning company may not meet their standards. It’s true that everyone has their own style of cleaning and expects things done a certain way. Giving someone else the authority to make these decisions is not always easy, especially total strangers.

Thoughts to Ponder

Additional points to ponder when deciding if hiring a cleaning company is worthwhile:

  • How valuable is your time? Consider the costs of using professional cleaning service versus the things listed on the to-do list, the number of hours you would spend cleaning the home, etc. to make this decision.
  • Can you afford the costs of hiring a professional cleaning company? Do not strain your income in order to hire a cleaning crew.
  • Is there a special event coming up that requires a clean home? Want to make an impression on guests who come to the house?
  • Unsatisfied with the current cleaning products you use?
  • Is cleaning more difficult than before due to health issues or other concerns?
  • What type of cleaning services do you require? Can the cleaning company meet these requirements?
  • How often do you need cleaning services? Can the cleaning company accommodate your family's schedule?

Are Professional Cleaning Services Right for You?

Many people hire professional cleaners and enjoy the advantages they create without concern for the few disadvantages they bring. However, every family is unique and only you can decide which option is best for your needs. Use the information above to help decide if hiring a cleaner or maid is worth your time and money. 

Most of the disadvantages of hiring a professional cleaner can easily be eliminated, so long as the right company is on the job. Use the above information to better decide if a professional cleaner is worth your time and money. 

At the end of the day, most people appreciate and value the services professional home cleaning experts bring into their homes. Contact Always Home Services today for a complimentary estimate!

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