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How to Keep Your Home Safe: Try Our Home Watch Program

How to Keep Your Home Safe: Try Our Home Watch Program

Everyone wants a clean home, and a safe home. Especially when they are offering their home as a rental or using it as a seasonal second home.  That is why Always Home Services started their Home Watch property management program. First they make sure it is kept sparkling clean from inside and out. So you don't have to worry and can know you and others can enjoy your time spent in the house. We know there have been recent fires and storms. Ash and debris might show up in unexpected places and that's why Home Watch Property Management in the Monterey Bay and surrounding California areas was created. To have you feel safe and your home be safe. Please read the following article to learn more about Home Watch and the services we offer. 

Our Always Home Services Home Watch Program offers both interior and exterior home inspection on a daily, weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis, tailored to your exact wants and needs. With Always Home Services routine home inspection and quick emergency response, we can help you minimize damage or even better prevent it altogether.

Always Home Services Home Watch Programs can include but are not limited to:


  • Check the AC/Heating Unit – to make sure the temperature is set correctly and check for any malfunctions or problems.
  • Check Mail Boxes weekly and toss any junk mail and put regular mail inside the home.
  • Check front door for any expected or unexpected deliveries (newspapers, phone books, flyers, etc). Contact the homeowner if expected packages are received and handled accordingly.
  • Check Refrigerator, Ice makers and Freezers for any leaks, malfunctions, etc.
  • Check alarms, smoke detectors.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure.
  • Weekly updates to homeowner or as needed.
  • Check garaged vehicles for battery condition, flat tires etc. Any problems will be reported to the homeowner.
  • Run water in sinks and flush toilets.

We also understand how living plants may need special attention as well. We can offer special care to not only your home but also to the plants in it.

If you would like us to, we can have your home cleaned, warmed up or cooled down, filled with your favorite flowers, food and drinks and ready for your arrival home! Get Rid of Dust and Ash. Feel Safe and Comfortable

HOME WATCH SECURITY for Homes in Monterey Bay areas of California

Just in case you are out of town, we can check perimeter of home for any signs of trespassing, vandalism or weather damage. We will immediately call with a report. And keep to a regular schedule so that you can relax with Always Home Services on the job. 



Depending on the current weather on the Monterey Peninsula, we will walk around the exterior of your home and visually check outside exposed roof areas and interior ceilings and walls for any damage due to area wind, rain or any other unforeseen natural disaster.


Based on what temperature you would like your home to stay at while you are away, we will make sure both heating and air conditioning units are in proper working order. Manually checking to see they are maintaining correct comfort levels.

Bottom Line

It’s possible to have a clean home with a busy schedule. You have to figure out which tips work best for your situation. However, you can easily break down this task into something manageable so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Don’t have time to clean your Monterey Bay home, contact Always Home Services at 831.917.3405 for a free consultation.

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